Dr Kathy Rasch

Dr Kathy Rasch

“Growing up I always felt very connected. Connected to people and places, and connected to something much bigger than this world. It feels particularly effortless to feel someone’s Heart, and to see him or her as their Soul. That ability or “sense” has always been as strong in me as the other 5 physical senses.

Dr Kathy’s work involves allowing the emergence of everything someone is, and the releasing of what they’re not, so they feel a greater sense of Self, an awareness of their SOUL.

With this, comes a heightened connection to the Light that fuels us all.

“I am very honoured and grateful to be a Chiropractor, Coach, Author and Presenter.

I am very passionate about running my Soul Retreat on Maui, Hawaii each year, and also guiding Meditation Groups regularly.

My highest service this life, along side parenting our 2 beautiful daughters… is holding a space for people to find their way back HOME."